Why I Almost Ignored My Intuition

Have you ever felt like all signs are pointing to you doing something - making a change, or going somewhere new, yet for some reason, you resist moving forward?

Of course you have! We all have. But since I teach people how to trust their intuition and I actually walk my talk, I can sometimes make it seem easy. But this week, I'm here to share, it's not always easy for me to follow my own intuition. In fact, I believe that we may never experience a life void of fear and resistance. If that is a surprise to you, that's ok. What I teach is that fear and resistance are actually part of your internal guidance system - you just need to understand when it's your ego is speaking and when it's your intuition. (Click here for the Stop, Drop & Roll tool).

Watch this week's video to find out what signs the Universe was sending me, the resistance I put up, and the reward I got for stepping past my edge. 


Oracle Cards*

Here are the cards I keep on my phone.

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