Grounding Your Energy: Why It's Important + How to Do It

The Importance of Grounding

As you connect more deeply to self, it is extremely important that you remain grounded. Grounding our energy, in relation to the earth’s, allows you to feel present and alive in each moment as well as helping to clear any excess energy you may have. When you are cognizant our your body’s connection to the Earth, it can allow you to more clearly discern the messages your intuition provides. It also allows you to stay more closely in touch with reality, which is crucial as you become more at one with your spiritual being. Frequent grounding practice also has measurable health benefits such as decreased inflammation and increased level of antioxidants within the body. Aside from meditative grounding, you can try putting your feet on the ground, working with soil, or spending time with nature to enhance your connection to the Earth and feel more solid, safe and strong.

Even just a few minutes of grounding practice can help. Come back to this activity regularly and often to increase your connection connection to self and to the Earth.

To Ground:

  • Close your eyes

  • Begin to focus on your breath, bringing awareness to your own pattern of breathing

  • Breath in deeply and exhale completely

  • Bring awareness to your physical body, focus on relaxing while remaining comfortably erect

  • Bring awareness to your root. You can:

  • Recognize your physical connection to the Earth (feet on ground, bottom on chair, etc.)

  • Rock back and forth (or side to side)

  • Engage your pelvic floor muscles (Kegels)

  • Visualize those strong, solid roots which are connected to your physical body

  • Imagine them growing downward, solidifying your connection to the Earth

  • Bring your awareness back to your breath

  • Breathe out what you wish to be get rid of and breathe in what you wish to receive

  • When ready, open your eyes

  • Bringing attention back to your physical body in the present moment

  • You can squeeze and release your facial muscles as well as hands and feet