How to Break the Cycle of Resistance

Last week, we explored what would happen if we all fell down. This week, we're talkin' resistance and pivoting

Right now so many of us are resisting what is; and in doing so, we are continually creating more resistance for ourselves. Resistance magnifies. It's infuriating, isn't it!? :-D

In order to break the cycle of resistance, we must look at our situation - whatever it may be -  and uncover the lesson that the universe is presenting us. From there we must own our reality and course correct ourselves, or pivot.

Pivoting is when we deliberately shift our attention off an unwanted experience and onto thinking about what we would prefer to experience instead. It allows us to only invite in what is in alignment with what we are calling in, and to chuck the rest.

In this week's video I'm getting real about my recent juicy pivot...all I'll say here is that it involves three pretty stellar men! 

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