How to Clear & Protect Your Energy


The First Step Toward Intuitive Clarity

Perhaps the most important tool for empaths—especially those interested in spiritual and personal development—is the practice of clearing and protecting your energy. But why would anyone need to Clear & Protect? Think of it this way: Picture yourself jumping into a swimming pool and suddenly you are filled with all of the feelings—both positive and negative—that everyone in the pool is feeling. This is what our emotional landscape can feel like if we are not clearing and protecting our energy on a regular basis. When swimming in others’ emotions, it can be difficult to differentiate our own from anyone else’s.

In order to tune into inner guidance with clarity, we must first clear & protect our energetic space. Before we get into the how to let’s talk about when. Then, after we understand whywhen and how, I’ll lead you through a Clear & Protect Guided Meditation.

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When to Clear & Protect Your Energy

  • Whenever you are overwhelmed
  • When leaving a situation
  • Before entering into a new situation
  • When seeing someone in the midst of a difficult situation
  • When entering into a crowd
  • When traveling
  • When you wake up
  • Before you go to bed

How to Clear & Protect Your Energy

Clearing & Protecting is a 5-step process. Read each step below for the details, or put your email in the box below for instant access to the easy-peasy guided meditation.


  • Before practicing this tool, ensure that your environment is safe. If you find that you are in an unsafe or unpleasant environment, first take action to remove yourself from the situation.
  • Start by closing your eyes and begin to take deep, cleansing breaths.
  • Take inventory of your emotional state by bringing your awareness to your emotions and acknowledge whatever you might be feeling. Ask yourself, is this mine or is this someone else’s?


  • Imagine you are standing under a waterfall of white light. As this powerful waterfall of light pours down over your physical body, it penetrates your emotional and mental bodies, washing away anything that does not belong to you. See this unwanted energy falling away and being absorbed into the Earth.

  • As you continue to breathe, imagine the white light absorbing into your skin as though you are a sponge. Feel it cleansing and refreshing your entire being.


  • Now that your entire physical body is glowing white light from the inside out, bring your awareness to your heart center (the center of your chest).
  • Start to imagine a fountain of pink light emanating from your heart. With continued deep breaths, allow this loving fountain of pink light to grow stronger and flow faster as it fills your entire body.
  • Once your body has filled with this pink light, allow it to expand past your physical body to a distance of about 3 feet.
  • Take a few moments to bask in this fresh, new, loving space that you have just created.


  • Visualize a barrier of golden light on the outer edge of your pink bubble. Take time to deeply feel that this golden barrier is strong without any openings or weak points.
  • For a few breaths just imagine this pink bubble with a golden shell, and affirm to yourself that:
    • This is your energy
    • No unwanted energy may enter into your space without your permission
    • It is possible to send energy out of this bubble as you wish
    • It feels good in the safety of your own loving, cleared, and protected energy


  • Again, take inventory of your emotional state by bringing your awareness to your emotions. Acknowledge whatever you might be feeling now that you have completed the visualization.
    • If an uncomfortable feeling is still hanging around, then it’s likely yours and you’ll need to investigate it further.
  • When ready, open your eyes.

The Most Important Step

Quite possibly the most important (and most challenging) step of this process is taking inventory. It can be difficult to determine what is (and isn’t) yours. While this difficulty might never completely cease, I can say that it gets easier with diligent practice and reflection.

For example, sometimes after practicing, you may notice that everything you had been feeling is gone and that you now feel great. Whereas other times you may notice that certain feelings remain. If a feeling is still hanging around after a thorough Clear & Protect, then it’s likely yours and you can investigate it further. Through the practice of reflecting on your experience, you’ll get better at recognizing the difference.

Guided Meditation

To make learning how to Clear & Protect your energy fun and easy, I created a recording to guide listeners through the process step-by-step. Just put your info in below to join the community and get instant access to the guided meditation!