If Each of Us Fell When Someone Else Fell, None of Us Would Be Standing

Last week, we returned to our practices with consistency and curation. I hope your self-care routine has been serving you well! In my case, I've returned to journaling and intention-setting, already see my goals taking shape. I'm reminded of my magical manifesting powers, and I wish the same for you!

But as we know... when we're in the flow, stuff can come up to break our stride. Enter: The Wobble. When someone wobbles, they go back and forth on what they have already decided. And watch out! This one's two-fold: we must notice not only when we teeter on our choices, but also when someone else's wobble triggers us to do the same.

When you feel the rumblings of a wobble take shape, hop into trust. Trust yourself. Trust your path. Trust that the Universe has your back! And that I do too.

May your intuition be with you!