Intuitive Download: Curiosity, Cortisol and #NoExcuses

Nothing is happening to you, and everything is happening for you.

Last week we talked about Callbacks: when life brings something major or seemingly insignificant back around to show you some stuff, good or bad. We practiced asking the Universe why it was bringing these issues/topics back around, and how to hop into compassion and return to the flow. 

This week, we're making an excuse to talk #NoExcuses. When was the last time you missed a deadline, forgot a close friend's birthday or showed up without fully "showing up?" Cut the cop-out and get curious instead. Pay attention. Turn inward. And not to worry - I'm here to help! 

In this video, I'll teach you an easy exercise to get a quick cortisol flush to get your inner flow going. You'll be riding the wave in no time, and wash all of those excuses away. Remember that we are responsible for our own reality, and by taking accountability for ourselves, we can manifest our best life. No Excuses. 

May your intuition be with you!