Intuitive Download: Stop Shoulding on Yourself!

Cut the Shoulds and Embrace Your Almosts

Last week, we took our own leaps of faith that best served our highest selves.  

This week, we’re honing in even more on our individuality by cutting - the - shoulds! And perhaps really leaning into the puns :-X

But seriously, this week we are taking stock of the big bad s-word: should. Many of us get triggered easily. Thinking "I should be in a relationship."  I should be making more money, I should get to the gym more...I know you know how this goes. 

We so often get frustrated when we almost get it right, assuming we should be farther along towards our goals. But friends, instead of getting frustrated, let’s CELEBRATE! Celebrate our progress, celebrate our power of manifestation, and get into the present. In this week’s video, I’ll show you how to embrace your almost so you can stop shoulding all. over. the. place.  

May your intuition be with you!