Intuitive Download: The Hows and Whens of YOUR Leap of Faith

Letting go and leaping at your own risk.

Last week, we ditched our excuses and flushed the cortisol out of our system through an easy, four-part breath.   

This week, we’re letting go of so much more. We’re making a change and taking a leap of faith.

I want to stress to you, my dear reader, that all healing and spiritual work is relative. My scale of risk will be different than your scale of risk, but both should be honored as sacred, special and beautiful. I decided to leave a partnership that wasn’t serving me. You quit your job or painted your nails blue? Wonderful! I see you and I am so proud of you! 

Stick to your own hows and whens of your personal leap of faith. This is about trusting YOUR intuition, not comparing yourself and your upgrade to those of others. Yours is mighty and perfect for wherever you are.

May your intuition be with you!