The Simplest Way to Create Lasting Change + The Future of Healthy Leadership

Hi, Betsy here!

I’m so excited to connect with you today because we’ve got some work to do, you and I. That work is some of the most important work we’ll ever embark upon and so important in today’s world. It’s the work of self, tapping into our intuition and creating lasting change in ourselves and the world! And there’s no better time to begin this work than right now!

Why is NOW the Time?

Let’s use September’s hearty “back to work” energy to fuel our commitment to developing our intuition! Let’s create a shift away from societally conditioned belief systems and a shift into trust of self.

As conscious individuals we know that the patriarchy we are living in is broken and must shift radically. As conscious individuals we also know that we cannot simply be witnesses, we must be a part of this shift! Now is just the right time to create a new system that infuses some much needed feminine light to create flow within the structure. A new system that recognizes lasting change on any level starts with trust of self!

Each and every one of us is working on something. Whether it’s something we want more of (Energy? Money? Yes, please!), something we want less of (Pain? Absolutely!), something we want to manifest in our life, or a dream we want to see achieved...but you know what else each of us has? Everyone has what I like to call the “nah, nah, nahs”. That’s all those thoughts that pop into our head to stand between us and our dream or that change we want. “Where will I get the money to pursue my dream?” “They’ll be upset if I create that boundary!” “What if I don’t perform well enough?”

Well, these are all just thoughts. These thoughts are fear. These thoughts are ego. These thoughts are the internal manifestation of the patriarchy’s system of limiting our beliefs...limiting our vision! These thoughts are not who we are. We can change our thoughts!

How to Create Lasting Change

Great news! All we’ve got to do to create lasting change is relax! So how do we relax?

Step 1. Take a breath!

Meditation and breathwork are some of the easiest ways to learn trust of self and tap into our intuition. Maybe we commit to regular meditation and/or breathwork practice; my “How to Stop Taking on Other People’s Energy” guided meditation is a great place to start.

Step 2. Try out a mantra to cut through the “nah, nah, nahs”!

The mantra I like to recite is, “I don’t need to know the hows!” We don’t need to know how the money will come or how they will react to the boundary we set or even how well we will perform. We just need to trust ourselves, our vision, our intuition.

Step 3. Drop into gratitude!

How about, “Thank you for the idea”, rather than, “Where will the money come from”. Or, “Thank you for the vision”, rather than, “Will I execute it well enough”.

Step 4. Repeat steps 1-3!

Regular practice of these simple steps will to shift us out of those limiting patterns and into creativity, life force, self! In doing so we begin to be more in tune with our intuition and more able to act on what feels right!

What Does All This Have to do with Healthy Leadership?

We are all leaders in some way and the future of healthy leadership is to focus on family! Conscious entrepreneurs are beginning to radically shift the system by dedicating themselves to building their vision on a foundation that recognizes their team as family. So it is of the utmost importance that we all, as leaders, constantly engage in the work of self care so that we can also effectively take care of our family! It’s the connection, the love, the trust created by family that is missing in the world today. If we can all commit to being the change we wish to see in the world, we’ll create families (in our homes, in our communities, in our businesses) of strong individuals who trust in self, tap into intuition, and help other do the same!

May intuition be with you!


What’s Next?

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