Spirit Guides and Nature Spirits

Happy Spring! No matter when you are opening this email it's not too late to celebrate the blooming of flowers and of ourselves!

In case you've never attended a Live Sunday Service, I wanted to officially let you know they are a BLAST, as is our hang out afterwards. "Hang out?" you say. Yup, I wasn't sure if it was going to be "a thing" but it's so fun and it's a chance for us to do just that, hang out and get to know one another. It's also a chance to ask me anything about Intuition for FREE.

I started the hang out after the service because it's what people tend to do after a regular church service (Haha, I'm always quick to say that I am not starting a church nor is this a religious service, but it IS a SPIRITUAL one - not associated with any organized religion at all. Everyone is welcome!)

Anyway, it was a few weeks back that one of our community members asked about Spirit Guides and Nature Spirits and so I decided to do a whole dharma talk on it.