Grounding Your Energy: Why It's Important + How to Do It

The Importance of Grounding

As you connect more deeply to self, it is extremely important that you remain grounded. Grounding our energy, in relation to the earth’s, allows you to feel present and alive in each moment as well as helping to clear any excess energy you may have. When you are cognizant our your body’s connection to the Earth, it can allow you to more clearly discern the messages your intuition provides. It also allows you to stay more closely in touch with reality, which is crucial as you become more at one with your spiritual being. Frequent grounding practice also has measurable health benefits such as decreased inflammation and increased level of antioxidants within the body. Aside from meditative grounding, you can try putting your feet on the ground, working with soil, or spending time with nature to enhance your connection to the Earth and feel more solid, safe and strong.

Even just a few minutes of grounding practice can help. Come back to this activity regularly and often to increase your connection connection to self and to the Earth.

To Ground:

  • Close your eyes

  • Begin to focus on your breath, bringing awareness to your own pattern of breathing

  • Breath in deeply and exhale completely

  • Bring awareness to your physical body, focus on relaxing while remaining comfortably erect

  • Bring awareness to your root. You can:

  • Recognize your physical connection to the Earth (feet on ground, bottom on chair, etc.)

  • Rock back and forth (or side to side)

  • Engage your pelvic floor muscles (Kegels)

  • Visualize those strong, solid roots which are connected to your physical body

  • Imagine them growing downward, solidifying your connection to the Earth

  • Bring your awareness back to your breath

  • Breathe out what you wish to be get rid of and breathe in what you wish to receive

  • When ready, open your eyes

  • Bringing attention back to your physical body in the present moment

  • You can squeeze and release your facial muscles as well as hands and feet

Two Things That Cause People to Lie and be Flakey

Welcome, I am so happy you’re here! You could be in any space on Earth right now, but you’ve chosen this space! And that is so very important because it means that you want to take control of your life and start trusting that perfect guidance system that resides within us all...our intuition!

Trusting your intuition isn’t always easy. It requires hard work, commitment, and self-examination. You can have everything you want in life! But you’ve got to be willing to do the work. Want co-workers to provide more honest feedback? Want to trust more? Want your loved ones to show up for you more fully? Me too, so let’s get to work!

Obfuscation - to confuse, to make unclear or obscure, to darken (synonym -  to clarify)

Never heard the term obfuscation? (No worries! After all, I am here to educate ;-) That’s the dictionary definition there above. In practice, obfuscation is hiding facts, telling only part of the truth, manipulating perception. Obfuscation is knowing how someone will react, not wanting that reaction, and changing how we behave to change how they react.

This practice is actually very common for empaths, sensitive people, people other and me! We do it when we tell a half-truth or manipulate someone’s perception of a situation. We know we’ve done it when we walk away from an interaction feeling like we got away with something. We do it because we’re trying to avoid an undesirable reaction!

What am I doing to cause people to lie and be flakey?

Well, we’re lying and being flakey. We’re obfuscating. We’re:

  1. Avoiding Conflict.  Oftentimes we think that it’s better (or easier) to avoid what we perceive as confrontation or conflict. Communication is a healthy part of life!

  2. Operating out of Obligation. Making decisions for our lives based on what we think others think or feel. We’re trying to serve others before serving ourselves!

What does my behavior have to do with theirs?

Well, EVERYTHING! Avoiding conflict and operating out of obligation affect the energy you put out into the world, and therefore, the energy you receive back.  You get out of life what you put into it! If people are lying to us, if people aren’t showing up for us authentically; we have to recognize that we are constantly projecting the energy that is amplified in our lives. If we need our friends to tell us the truth, our family to be 100% there for us, our team members to give us honest feedback; then we need to do this ourselves! When we tell the truth, it feels open and good, and we get a lot more back from others: more clear communication, more quality work, more positive energy, more trust.

So the next time you’re exhausted but plan to attend the event anyway, or the next time you tell only a portion of the facts for fear of the other person’s reaction…think whether that is the type of energy you want amplified in your life and proceed accordingly. Say, “I’ve had an exhausting week and I want to show up for you, but I want to show up 100%. Since I can’t do that, I won’t be attending tonight.” Say, “No, I won’t be out of town but I’m not available to work this weekend.”

What is most important is that you act in a way that is in alignment with your body feeling good and open. Speak your truth and you’ll be able to live in it as well!

May intuition be with you!


What’s Next?

Registration for my 6-week course, Trust Yourself, begins October 23. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for all the details! As always, I’ll see you on Facebook every Wednesday (9pm ET/6pm PT) where we’ll be discussing new topics related to all things intuition, LIVE!

Mansplaining Didn't Get Me Down AKA How to Receive

Welcome back! I’m glad you are here because you are on the precipice of a major shift! You are here to learn the tools you need to unlock the key to trusting yourself and your intuition, and you are in the right place!

One of the ways we address personal blocks and connect more deeply to our intuition is to notice the signs and synchronicity all around us. When we recognize commonality in our experiences, it allows us the chance to look inward and receive invaluable lessons!

In order to receive, we must recognize those “things” (something felt, seen, perceived) that seek to take our power. When we do so, we learn the lesson of how that theme or pattern relates to what we are experiencing within. Then, we begin to shift out of the belief system that tells us we have to give that, “thing”, energy!

Watch the video above to find out how I discovered the message in being “mansplained” to on multiple occasions, in one day! **Spoiler Alert** I used it as fuel for my fire to teach you and you might just gain some fire by watching too!

Until next time, may intuition be with you!

I had a Massive Heart Opening!

A few weeks ago I released some very personal information on the blog.  I knew it would help so many people if I spoke up and talked about my current struggles.

But what I didn’t expect so many people to respond as a result. Thank you! The sheer volume of people reaching had a significant effect on my heart. I feel seen and more importantly SUPPORTED! 

And as usual what I am going through is just a sign or indicator of what others are going through.

It makes me wonder: When you will finally speak up? Where have you been hiding? Where have you been sharing only the partial truth? When and how will you come out to those who matter and share who you are (including the dark spots and the struggle)? 

Check out this week's video to help rewire your brain and learn more about opening the heart. Now is the time to take action and shift on the inside to see the results on the outside. 

May your intuition be with you!

Holding Back Out of Fear

Words of support continue to fly in from all directions after my big reveal last week. To all those who reached out, THANK you! My heart is opening as we speak. You can best believe this is what we will be talking about next week!

This week I want to ask you something: Have you have ever held back expressing how you feel because you were afraid of hurting someone else? Maybe you don't share what you genuinely think to make sure things go smoother with others. Or perhaps you aren't entirely sure how it would go over if you shared how things around you were affecting you.

I've always been an advocate of speaking the truth with authenticity, however, I am also a super sensitive, caring being - which can be what gets us into this mess in the first place.

I had no idea how speaking my truth and breathing to let go of all the bullshit would make me feel. As it turns out, we are all in the midst of rewiring our brains so that we can live more of our full potential. Watch this week's video to find out how I continue to expand, and rewire, after revealing my truth. If you have ever had trouble speaking up, this one's for you ;)

May your intuition be with you!

I am Recovering...

If you've been following me, you’ve been reading a lot about upgrades in personal power and how that interacts with anxiety. I’ve been talking about speaking up for oneself, shedding old patterns and taking time for the self to digest.

This week I took my advice and got help. I got my 2nd reading in 7 years. It was right on and shook me up! The answer to my problem was to be. However, after the session ended I realized what was blocking me from being - I discovered that something was blocking my VOICE.

In this week's video I share something so big, it has gotten people worried. I'm not worried and rest assured that I am completely safe. Watch the video to find out what I was hiding. 

It was hard to speak up, but now that I have I feel better and feel much more in my power. Also, my friends and family are proud of me for doing so. Ultimately, my wish for you is that you find your voice and use it too.

Everyone continues to need a little extra help. That's why we are here. That's why I'm here. Need help finding the dark spot that dims your light? Want to get to the root of what's blocking you? Book a Breathwork or Breakthrough Session today.

Make sure to stay tuned the next couple of weeks as we dive further into finding and using your voice and rewiring the brain.

May your intution be with you!

My Heart Said Yes. My Head Said No.

I talk a lot about parsing out the difference between ego and intuition. But I think it’s time to put a third into the mix... 

Fam, please meet my good friend – neurosis. :-) 

This week I found myself in this situation where after doing Stop, Drop and Roll, I rolled out of my practice and straight into my head. And let me tell you, this is not a place that I want to live people!

So in this week's video, I'm humbling myself and letting you in on my neurosis moment in hopes that I'll spare you from the same. After all, my intuition always has my back - and my head too.

May your intuition be with you!

Crushing It Creates Epic Freak Outs

So not to toot my own toot, but I’ve been crushing it. I’m accomplishing goals, realizing manifestations, and calling love back into my life. I’m making moves and everything is so good!

So why did I freak_the_heck_out?

Watch this week’s video to find out :)

Birthing a project, a goal, and of course, an actual baby! often comes with contractions. These emotional, and yes, even physical pains are a side effect of our growth.

This week I’ll tell you about my contraction - and how I got through it - so that I could keep on keepin' on. And so that you can too!

May your intuition be with you!

Why I Almost Ignored My Intuition

Have you ever felt like all signs are pointing to you doing something - making a change, or going somewhere new, yet for some reason, you resist moving forward?

Of course you have! We all have. But since I teach people how to trust their intuition and I actually walk my talk, I can sometimes make it seem easy. But this week, I'm here to share, it's not always easy for me to follow my own intuition. In fact, I believe that we may never experience a life void of fear and resistance. If that is a surprise to you, that's ok. What I teach is that fear and resistance are actually part of your internal guidance system - you just need to understand when it's your ego is speaking and when it's your intuition. (Click here for the Stop, Drop & Roll tool).

Watch this week's video to find out what signs the Universe was sending me, the resistance I put up, and the reward I got for stepping past my edge. 


Oracle Cards*

Here are the cards I keep on my phone.

* Heal Body app is no longer available. Click here for the book version.

Uranus in Taurus Thrive Guide (2018-2025)

Uranus in Taurus Thrive Guide

Friends! Some news from the Cosmos: the planet Uranus has transited into the zodiac sign of Taurus this week.

Full disclosure, I’m not an astrologer, but I got a message loud and clear from Spirit that I’m uniquely posited to give you the download on how to thrive during this 7-year transit (more on that in this week’s video ;).

Best of all? This astrological weather is in exact alignment with what we’ve been discussing for the past few weeks: The Big Shift, connection, community, grounding.  In other words, If astrology isn’t a language you speak (or you’re more fluent in it than I am!) it’s all good! These Five Thrive Tips - straight from the Cosmos - will be the perfect preventative care for all of us, regardless of our wellness dialect. I'm so excited and honored to share them with you!

May your intuition be with you!

Confused? You haven't done anything wrong. You are in the right place.

My new breakthrough session offering has been SO eye opening and inspiring!! And I’ve seen a few patterns across my clients that I am compelled to share with you.

As a collective, we’ve been manifesting and breathing and dreaming and shifting for some time now. We’re taken life’s challenges by the horns and demanded upgrades for ourselves. We’ve placed the call to the Universe and that. is. Amazing!  But…

I’ve noticed that with a lot of us, it sort of feels like we’ve been left “on hold” with The Universe. We’ve done the work in recognizing that our past patterns no longer serve us, but we haven’t yet manifested what we seek. We’ve been placed on a cosmic hold line, and feel left in a No Man’s Land.

In this week’s video, I’ll help you mine this in-between place so you can get off Hold with the Universe. Sneak peek: you may just need to redial :) 

May your intuition be with you!

4 Signs of Abuse in the Windowless Conference Room

4 Signs of Abuse in the Windowless Conference Room

Hello Internet Family!

This is a break from the usual Weekly Intuitive Download. This weekend I experienced brainwashing and abuse in a self-help seminar aimed to empower women. 

I urge you to watch this video to prevent any danger to yourself. Share this post with others on social media to prevent further abuse and Stockholm Syndrome and share it with those who may enter into the self-help brainwashed windowless conference room. 

The Consequences of the Big Shift

What is this Big Shift anyway?

Since August 2017, we have been experiencing some major life shifts as a collective. If you yourself haven't undergone a big change, I'd bet someone very close to you has faced a personal crisis or life transformation. In this week's video, I'll explain why that is, from the timing of the shift itself to how it works and relates to all of us.

Hovering over the precipice of change, let us take the opportunity to meet this challenge head-on and use it as an upgrade!  As we make our way through the Big Shift, I'm here to serve with tips and tricks to ensure our smooth, courageous transition. 

May your intuition be with you!

How to Live with a Fierce Heart

What does it mean to live with a Fierce Heart?

When we live with fierce hearts, we open up this chakra so widely that we consequently, and drastically, change our lives. We undergo transitions: we make waves, we make moves, we end relationships and forge new ones. Opening ourselves up to live out our true heart's desire can seem very scary, but it is incredibly brave! 

This week I'll provide you with the tools and resources to start opening your heart - with baby steps and big breaths. Be sure to watch til the end - I'm dropping a sweet opportunity and you don't want to miss out!

Our BIGGEST Teacher in the School of Life

Last week, we made brave declarations of specificity, and cast them out into the Universe!

This week, we are hurting.

Friends, something is in the water. I don't know about you, but I have been going THROUGH it lately! And seemingly, so have the majority of the people around me.

Call it the Cosmos or "in the cards," but it seems our collective pain - both individual aches and societal wounds - has come back around. But it is here not to haunt us, dear reader, it is here to teach us.

This week I will show you how pain and past ills are our best teachers; and how our only choice is to wade through it. Uncomfortable as our pain may be, we need it to grow. And in this week's video, I'll share one of my favorite fables that is sure to show you why.

May your intuition be with you! 

Specificity: How to Get What You REALLY Want

Loud, Bold, Brazen Declarations of Specificity!

Last week, we planted our hopes, dreams, and goals with the Universe.

This week, I’m sharing how my manifestations are blossoming like crazy! I hope the same is happening for you!

My recent successes with my seedlings of ideas have shown me how important it is to get specific and to ask for exactly that.

In order to call exactly what we want, we must not be afraid to ask for it in full detail. Because when we don’t get granular, we receive muddled results.

I challenge you, dear reader, to get specific with your manifestations this week. Write them down. Announce them. Share them with a friend. Make a Youtube video! Make loud, bold brazen declarations of specificity. Because you deserve it :D

May your intuition be with you!

Shhh! It's delicate!

Seeds have been sown!

Last week, we pivoted to break our cycles of resistance once and for all. This week, I’ve found a perfect, precious little green seedling that has inspired me like crazy!

Even though I feel a push to move forward quickly, I also see that I need to take my time.My fragile friend has got me thinking about how we’re all planting seeds in our lives all of the time - ideas, dreams, goals, projects, relationships – but it is only those that we nurture that become mighty manifestations.

We can ensure that our ideas blossom into reality through the elements we expose them to while they incubate. Curating their nutrients, providing care and attention, and keeping them safe from possible external threats will allow our seedlings to grow.

Friends, what ideas are you planting? How will you both cultivate and protect them?

May your intuition be with you!