Breathwork FAQ

Q: I have to say I've been thinking about the session and how powerful it felt, definitely want to do that again!  Do you recommend people to wait a certain amount of time between sessions?

A: As far as how often to breathe, I always leave it up to you. There is no too soon or too late.
When you are ready, I am here.

Q: Are there certain health conditions that would prevent me from doing this type of Breathwork?

A: Some people say that pregnant women should refrain from this active breath. You are responsible for your health, if you are unsure please consult a doctor before booking your session. 

Q: Can I breathe on my own?

A: Sure! Some people feel afraid to breathe on their own. Some people feel more powerful when others are breathing at the same time (groups are powerful!) and we know there is nothing like having someone hold space just for youThat being said, I've had wonderful sessions with just me in my apartment alone. 

Q: If I breathe on my own, how long do I breathe for?

A: Feel it out! Play with it! Listen to your body. You'll know how long. ;)

Q: I am intellectually fascinated by what I experienced in my body during Breathwork and would love to understand exactly what happened (hint: please explain this to me).

A: To quote the teacher David Elliott (who was quoting another teacher) "There is not an answer that I can give you that will satisfy that part of your brain."

I will also add that the practice of Breathwork is that of embodiment. When we have the need to analyze and understand EXACTLY what happened, are we in our bodies?

Where your attention goes your energy flows.

After the session we are encouraged to stay in the body, to feel the new sensations, to feel deeply - whatever state we may be in. And we are encouraged to ground*. This, in itself, is a practice. One that must be practiced to maintain the work that was just done by the breath.


*Would you like a course on how to ground? You are in luck. It's on it's way soon. Sign up to list below to be notified of when it's available.