The Free to Be Me Challenge is a free five-day challenge meant to help you build self-confidence and reduce anxiety. For five days, Betsy LeFae and her community will walk together with you and provide tools to help you confront these roadblocks. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The challenge is from Monday, October 15th to Friday, October 19th

  • Block off some time every day to read each challenge email, answer the prompts, and post in our Facebook group and on social media

  • Join the community’s Facebook group to connect to others doing the challenge with you

  • Invite a friend to participate and join you in this journey

Each day of the challenge, you’ll receive an email with the topic of the day, what it means to Betsy, and some top tips and tools for applying it to your daily life. It’ll also include a mantra and a question for you to answer in your journal or within the Facebook group. If you feel called, share a quote, a takeaway, or the day’s mantra on Instagram too using the hashtag, #FreeToBeMeChallenge.

Good luck!