Trust Your Intuition

I love coaching because it draws on my unique set of skills—from social work to psychology to intuition. In coaching sessions, I employ my understanding of people, relationships, and boundaries developed during my ten years as a social worker and student of psychology, combined with my intuitive sense of the unseen energetic patterns in your life and relationships to guide you along on your path.

The Agenda

The plan with coaching is simple: it is to get you to hear and trust your intuition. By strengthening your intuition, you will be better equipped to handle life’s challenges as they appear. And they will! That’s how life works; it dishes out what you need to grow.
When we shift our perspective to see life’s challenges as gifts in disguise, we open ourselves to the lessons they have to teach. We become empowered as we learn to navigate through life using intuition as our guide.

My Method

We connect weekly and open up a dialog about whatever you happen to be going through at the time. My job is to be 100% present with you, to hold space for you, to bring out and talk through whatever you need to, and to provide guidance, tools, direction, and accountability.

Your Goals

If you are not already clear on what you want to achieve, we will start by clarifying your needs and desires. Setting a goal from the beginning helps to concretize the work and focus our intention. Some goals I have facilitated through coaching are increasing abundance, getting clear and paving the way for a new career, minimizing chronic pain and increasing wellness, and creating more self—love with the intention of finding a lasting partnership. Anything is possible, and what is important to understand is that your goal is unique to you and where you happen to find yourself at this time.

My approach is action-item oriented, where we define your goals and give you tangible ways, both big and small, to achieve them. Whether we’re drafting a conversation for you to have with your mom, strategizing on how you can get that raise, or working with the suppleness of your relationships -- I will be your guide every step of the way.

Intuitive Guidance

I will be your running buddy as we uncover the blocks between you and the attainment of your goal. You will get tools to cultivate inner awareness, untangle your issues, and help you change your patterns. Like in an energy reading, the “homework” provided is tailored to you and your current situation. They are practices, exercises designed to help you increase your intuitive connection and achieve your goal. Moreover, most importantly, I will hold you accountable to staying on track with your practice.

Energy Readings vs. Coaching

There’s an important distinction between an energy reading (a service I no longer offer) and a coaching session. In an energy reading, I lead the interaction and do nearly all of the talking, but in coaching, it is a more flexible arrangement based on your needs during the session. I have had very productive sessions with coaching clients where they have done as much as 90% of the talking. What it comes down to is that during a coaching session, I am not reading for you, but rather helping you learn to guide yourself through your own signs and messages.

So if you are willing to look deep—sometimes into the hard or uncomfortable patterns—to develop new perspectives; if you are ready to invest in yourself with the dedication to bring forth a tangible change in your life, then coaching may be just the catalyst for you.

Payment Details

A coaching session is held via Phone or Skype and lasts for one hour. The cost is $540 for a package of 4 sessions. If you have purchased a package and wish to connect with me between sessions with a challenge, success, or inquiry, I will do my best to respond to your email within 24 hours.

Free Evaluation

I offer a free consultation that gives us both an opportunity to evaluate if coaching is the right fit at this time. During this assessment, I will ask questions to gain a better understanding of you and your needs, and you will get the chance to ask me any questions you might have. It is an exploratory session for the both of us, and if afterward, you decide that coaching is not for you, you will not be pressured.
Are you ready to make a profound change? You don’t have to do it alone.

"Betsy masterfully blends spiritual and psychological insight into practical direction. She provided mountains of information that enabled me to shift my deeply held negative perspectives and quite frankly, believe in myself. The idea of an intuitive coach was secretly thrilling to me, and we entered areas that traditional counseling shies away from. Betsy is an invaluable resource and will change your life. And you’ll have fun doing it."  Katie Estes

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