Crystals 101 Workshop

Join master teacher Betsy LeFae as she leads your group on a journey all about crystals. Betsy always offers embodied crystal experiences that cannot be attainted from a book or the internet.

In Crystals 101 class Betsy will review crystal basics including how to pick them out. She will guide participants in activities aimed to provide a real experience with a few different crystals (either from your shop/space or Betsy can bring her own to use). Workshop participants leave feeling confident that they can now shop wisely and intuitively for the crystals that best suit them.

Whether you be a Crystal Shop, Yoga Studio, Corporate, or Community, this workshop is bound to produce connection, growth, intrigue and delight!


Betsy LeFae

draws on nearly two decades of experience as a social worker, psychic medium, and empath to offer guidance and support through intuition courses, healing breathwork sessions, and intuitive breakthrough sessions. This work aims to equip you with the inner knowledge and skills needed to continually seek and find your own clarity and empowerment in life—without returning to a coach.