Empowering Empaths: A Guide to Using Your Gift

Many of us are what I call extreme empaths. Extreme empaths do not always know when they are absorbing other people’s emotions, traumas, and energy. When this happens, they can become irritable, exhausted, or depressed if they continue to absorb without doing anything about it.

Being an empath can be your greatest gift

It’s true, you just need to know how to use it. In my classes I teach empaths and other sensitive people how to recognize their gift and use it to help themselves and the world.

Are you an empath?

An empath is someone who has the ability to feel what others are feeling.

Extreme Empaths often feel discomfort when…

  • seeing a loved one suffer

  • encountering busy or stimulating environments

  • learning about suffering in other places in the world

Tendencies of Empaths

  • avoiding conflict

  • trusting too easily (unless deeply hurt)

  • being taken advantage of when helping others

  • having digestive disorders or back problems

  • self-medicating with nicotine, caffeine, food, alcohol, or other substances

Traits of Empaths

  • creativity

  • altruism

  • loyalty

  • emotional depth

  • compassion

The Key to Success for Empaths

As with any process of transformation, the first step to becoming an empowered empath is to recognize that you are an empath. Once you accept this you open the door to becoming aware of your own emotions.

Becoming Aware

The key to using your gift as an empath is to learn how to differentiate your emotions from the emotions of others. This takes time and practice. When you feel something, ask yourself, ‘Am I feeling this emotion because something has happened to me, or am I feeling what someone else is feeling because something has happened to them?’ If you find yourself taking on another person’s emotions, take steps to clear that emotion and create an emotional boundary for yourself to prevent this from continuing.

Emotions, like physical pain, are indicators to help us understand how to navigate our life. If you burn yourself touching a hot stove, you will learn to avoid the stove when it’s hot. Similarly, if you get burnt by a friend, you may avoid trusting them in the future.

As an empath, you must understand the importance of what your emotions are telling you. If you are constantly feeling drained or bogged down by other people’s emotions you may be missing your own emotional messages that are there to point you in the right direction.

How do you use it?

As an empowered empath, you have the ability to be proactive with yourself. Once you become aware of your own emotions you can recognize what you need and when you need it. Honoring your own sensitivities helps you avoid overwhelming situations and plan ahead to get what you need. If you’re sensitive to crowds, you may choose to show up early to a party when just a few people are arriving. Or if important projects tend to drain your energy, you could give yourself extra time to decompress once you have finished a project.

Since you can feel what others are feeling, you can also prepare ahead of time to provide others with what they need. If you notice that your roommate is anxious because of tomorrow’s deadline, you don’t have to take on that anxiety. You could proactively volunteer to make dinner, giving your roommate time and space to prepare. Or if you know that your mom tends to have a hard time around Easter because that’s when Grandma died, you can spend some quality time with her or do something to show her how much you care. 

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