Energy Awareness 101 Workshop

Bring Betsy’s most popular class to your community or organization. A class for people who care a lot (maybe sometimes too much) and want to be as empowered as possible.

This workshop contains a 40 min talk/teaching session, a guided meditation and (an optional) 30 min active breathwork meditation.

What can your group will gain from taking this class?

  • Instructions on how to take learn what your emotions are telling you.

  • Must have concrete daily practices to keep yourself clear.

  • Concepts to help empower you and your unique voice.

  • Information necessary for you to change your patterns and feel better.

  • Anchoring of the information + a super clear energy field, created by the active breathing meditation.


Betsy LeFae

draws on nearly two decades of experience as a social worker, psychic medium, and empath to offer guidance and support through intuition courses, healing breathwork sessions, and intuitive breakthrough sessions. This work aims to equip you with the inner knowledge and skills needed to continually seek and find your own clarity and empowerment in life—without returning to a coach.