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Intuition 101 Workshop

What’s the difference between Intuition and Ego?

How can I follow my intuition and really trust it?

What is intuition and how do I get more if it? 

What are some practices I can do to increase my intuition?

Join master teacher Betsy LeFae, creator of the popular 6 week class Trust Yourself: Intuitive Development Through Awareness, in a powerful, embodied, and experiential 101 workshop, where all the answers to the above questions and more are answered. Betsy has been teaching intuition for close to a decade and is known for making intuition so concrete that people do not even have questions at the end of her teachings!

In this 60 minute workshop Betsy explains the basics of intuition, what it is and how to get it. She will share the most common blocks to intuition as well as the easiest practices to overcoming them. There is a short exercise to understand what isn’t intuition, as well as a concrete exercise to give you an experience in getting the answers straight from your inner voice. The workshop ends with a Q&A.


Betsy LeFae

draws on nearly two decades of experience as a social worker, psychic medium, and empath to offer guidance and support through intuition courses, healing breathwork sessions, and intuitive breakthrough sessions. This work aims to equip you with the inner knowledge and skills needed to continually seek and find your own clarity and empowerment in life—without returning to a coach.