it’s not magic, it’s science!

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Plant Music Playshop

with Betsy LeFae

Welcome to the world of plants, music and energy that you’ve only dreamed of!

If plants playing music in response to your energy is too hard too believe, then come and witness it for yourself!

Join master teacher Betsy LeFae in one of the wildest, most fun and exploratory workshops of today.

The workshop, or as she likes to call it, Playshop begins with a short history of plant music. She explains what plant music is all about, how it works, and how it came to be. Next, participants are guided in a few icebreaker like activities to warm up, but also to observe what happens between the group, the plants, and the music. It’s through exercising a few different states of being (relaxed, excited, loving, frustrated etc.) that participants get first hand experience witnessing the effects of their emotions on the the environment around them. As the energy/mood of the participants change, so does the music the plant is playing.


So to answer your questions:

Yes, the plants generate different types of music (pitch, rhythm, instruments) based on what is going on in the room.

This means:

As the humans in the room change their state of being the music also changes.

People walk away:

Realizing just how much influence they have on the world around them. It’s truly a life changing experience.


Betsy LeFae

draws on nearly two decades of experience as a social worker, psychic medium, and empath to offer guidance and support through intuition courses, healing breathwork sessions, and intuitive breakthrough sessions. This work aims to equip you with the inner knowledge and skills needed to continually seek and find your own clarity and empowerment in life—without returning to a coach.