The Sunday Service

Sundays 5:30 PST/ 8:30 EST

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Embodiment Practice

Dharma Talk

Guided Meditation

FREE Psychic Readings

I grew up Catholic. My dad is a deacon and as a kid I would hang around the local TV station and hep my dad produce the show “Table of the Lord” a televised Catholic Mass that aired every Sunday. By the time I was 14, I was leading retreats for people much older than me, just hoping they wouldn’t find out my age. Later as an adult, I attended the Spiritualist Church. I even went to Seminary School and am ordained a Spiritualist Revered. I no longer consider myself either a Catholic or a Spiritualist (with a capital "S") however both traditions hold Sunday services.

Like many religions in the States, Sunday services are a place and a time to connect to oneself, to Spirit, and to each other. As a kid going to church on Sundays I loved the singing and connection to God (nowadays I would use the word Spirit, Universe, or All That Is, but it all describes the same energy). As an adult I LOVED the Spiritualist service for the same reasons, however, they added super cool guided meditations, and also the "message" portion, where Psychic Mediums would give messages from "the other side" to random churchgoers. Cool right?

I have a lot of respect for both the Catholic Church (not ALL of it, as I'm sure you know) and the Spiritualist Church, but neither ever truly vibed with me. They served an important role for me at the time, but I no longer resonate with them as a whole. Can you relate?

Please, don't misunderstand: I am not starting a new religion. But I do feel that this new Sunday Service can feed us in the ways these old services did (or tried to).

So what will happen in these Sunday Services? I'm glad you asked ;)

I'm going to bring the best of what can be offered. Each Sunday, we will meet on the internet and do the following:

Welcome: Meet and Greet (3-5 min) - This is just as it sounds. We introduce ourselves, and welcome people to the space. Tell me where you are tuning in from!

Embodiment Practice: (3-5 min) - I will lead us through a short practice to get into our bodies. It could be breathwork, qigong or even dance!

Dharma Talk: (5-20 min) - This is similar to the free classes I've been offering. This is the part where you get a mega dose of what it takes/what it's like to follow your intuition. No matter the topic, you can rest assured it will help facilitate trust in the self.

Guided Meditation: (5-10 min) - Just as it sounds! A fresh new guided meditation to help you relax and connect with the inner YOU.

Free Psychic Readings: (5-15 min) - Not everyone who attends is guaranteed a message. People will be "picked at random" (Haha! No such thing as "random"! It's all guided by Spirit). I will not be speaking with your loved ones who have passed, but I will be giving mini-readings. What will be said? Anything that Spirit guides me to say, tailored ALWAYS in a respectful way as we are in a public setting. It's not a time where you can ask questions, however, it's very exciting and usually super helpful information.

I'm super psyched! (pun intended ;) and I hope you are too. Please join us this Sunday for the Sunday Service!