By the time your session begins, I will have already “tuned in” to your energy. Before I ever see your face or hear your voice, I will have already written down an entire hour’s worth of information specifically for you.

The Reading

We open the session with a check-in to make sure that you are well-prepared. Once we have established this, I’ll ask you to state your questions. I’ll quickly write them down and start the audio recorder that provides us with an MP3 of the session. I’ll then lead us through a brief guided meditation and prayer to open the space.

At this point, the reading begins. It’s not uncommon for me to speak throughout 90% of the session. I’ll start by reviewing the notes I had written down beforehand. Sharing this information serves to build a strong foundation from which to answer your questions. You see, the answers to your questions most often require an explanation as to where the issue originates, how it’s unfolding in the present, and what can be done in the future to overcome it.

My aim is to answer your questions from a variety of perspectives, covering as much of the whoswhatswhyswhereswhens and hows as I can. By delivering messages in this way, I’m giving you the key to understanding the issue so you can do something about it. When your questions have been answered, and you have actionable steps to help you make the necessary changes, we close with a prayer.

Our Goal

You and I have a collective goal: for you to walk away from your Energy Reading with clarity. If you as a client are open, relaxed, and I can tune into information that can shift you towards a positive path of growth.

My job as an intuitive is to communicate clearly and check in with you to make sure you are following along. Your job is to make sure that you are understanding. If you get confused or wish for more detail, it’s your responsibility to interrupt the reading and ask. I also leave a few minutes at the end of the session to explain anything you might find unclear.

Refund Policy

Some clients are surprised to learn that I cannot read for everyone. My readings are an active collaboration that requires us both to be in alignment. If we’re not a good fit for each other, there is simply nothing that can be done during the call to fix the incongruency.

So, to be fair, I have a 15-minute refund policy. If during the first 15 minutes of the reading (after the prayer), either one of us is dissatisfied with the connection, I will end the reading, and you will get a full refund—no questions asked!

The Work Begins

Once the reading is over, the work begins. You’ll receive a follow-up email to prepare you for what’s to come. The email will include the audio recording of the session, plus a list of links to all the resources and exercises I had mentioned during the reading.

To promote empowerment and prevent codependency I limit readings to once every six months per individual. In the interim, however, it is expected that you are working on the assigned exercises so that when you come back we can evaluate your progress and move forward.

But sometimes the workload can be overwhelming. While some people work best alone, making efforts each day to progress, others prefer the continued support and guidance I can offer as a coach. Coaching offers the prospect of learning to read for yourself. We’ll use your life as the classroom to learn how to access and trust your inner guidance so that you can continue to move forward building the life of your dreams.