The Session


We open the session with a check-in to make sure that you are well-prepared. Once we have established this, I’ll ask you to state your intention for the session. There is no set time for the talking portion of the session. I will be 100% present to you and and employing 100% of my gifts (as appropriate) in our session. In other words, if I "get an intuitive hit" I will not be holding it back. However, we will remain true to the purpose of the session: for you to connect to you. 


When we feel ready to move on, I will teach you the 2-part pranayama breath. I will answer all of your questions. You will feel comfortable and you will fully understand how to do it.


Once you fully understand the breath, you will lie down and breathe. The active breathing part of the session can last up to 35 minutes. That is including about a 7 minute "resting" or "acclimation" breath at the end (sort of like Savasana in yoga).


Most people need a few minutes to "come back", just like after yoga, getting a massage or acupuncture treatment.

There may be a small share at the end of the session. But really, we keep it brief. You've just spent a good amount of time getting in your body. We want you to stay there and over analyzing what happened is a sure why to undo what we just did!

That's it. We say a prayer and our goodbyes, and you take really good care of yourself the rest of the day!

Other Information

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for Intuitive Breathwork Sessions that are not canceled with more than 24 hours notice.

The Work Begins

Once the session is over, the work begins. But sometimes the workload can be overwhelming. While some people work best alone, making efforts each day to progress, others prefer the continued support and guidance I can offer as a teacher. Courses offers the prospect of learning to tune into your intuition for yourself. You’ll use your life as the classroom to learn how to access and trust your inner guidance so that you can continue to move forward building the life of your dreams.