Betsy LeFae’s

unique approach to coaching comes from her two decades of experience as an award-winning psychic, sex educator, and social worker. Betsy uses her keen intuition to reveal blind spots, patterns, and curves that are right around the bend to give her clients a leg up, and teaches her clients how to trust themselves, in addition to how to know if someone is trustable.

This approach allows her clients to experience the connection, empowerment, and passion they always knew was possible in relationships. Self-awareness, the ability to be vulnerable and receive, and understanding universal laws, allow women to develop relationships with friends, co-workers, and romantic partners that feel nourishing and supportive.

When you know how to trust yourself, and you trust the right people, real intimacy, and fantastic sex can thrive!

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Get the intimacy You desire coaching

Get the intimacy You desire coaching

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Online Courses

What clients say

Our session today inspired me to share more deeply and intimately with my partner of 17 years. I don’t think I have ever expressed my truth the way I did today and I was heard and understood. I haven’t felt this free in a long time! I realized that a lot of anxiety and stress comes from not expressing truth but suppressing it time and time again.
— Christine R.

Working solo with Betsy has brought about surprising and welcome changes with my husband. I’ve always been a spiritual person but I married someone who is not and now HE is seeing those miracles. I feel like the spiritual husband I’ve always wanted is growing!
— Sarah C.

Betsy masterfully blends spiritual and psychological insight into practical direction. She provided mountains of information that enabled me to shift my deeply held negative perspectives and quite frankly, believe in myself. The idea of an intuitive coach was secretly thrilling to me, and we entered areas that traditional counseling shies away from. Betsy is an invaluable resource and will change your life. And you’ll have fun doing it.
— Katie Estes


Betsy’s Philosophy

In 50 years women will be in the majority of leadership positions. If we as women, attempt to lead in the boardroom and bedroom the way men have, nothing will change - except there will be a lot of lonely hearts and orgasms only from vibrators. Gain the intimacy you deserve and desire, apply for 1:1 coaching with Betsy today.