Spring Cleaning Your Brain: Why Change Takes So Long

No matter where you happen to be in the world, no matter what season, I bet we can all agree that the time for change is here.

You cannot bring in the new without pitching the old, but it's not that simple is it?

I mean, if we could just take a vacuum cleaner to our brain and then after 15 minutes pronounce ourselves new shiny and clean and then take the day off we'd all be doing that (or at least I know I would be ;).

But if you want real change you've got to be committed. But committed to what?

How do you know if you are doing the right thing, the right practice, reading the right things?

How do you know if what you are doing is working?

When is your brain, heart, mind, Spirit refreshed and how does it happen?

Luckily I've got you covered in that department. Change might as well be my middle name. And my speciality, in this lifetime, is bridging the gap between science and spirituality. (Did you know I got a BA in Psychology and got my highest grades were in Neurological Psychology? I ACTUALLY studied Psychology because as a 18 year old I bet that "90% of what we think is wrong." Not sure what I think about that 90% now, but it doesn't matter ;)

This week on the Sunday Service I will be giving you the in's and out's of what it actually takes to change and why sometimes it seems to take so long (I can hear the groans and see the eye rolls now. Haha! But hopefully after Sunday you will no longer feel like it's "taking forever".)

You Will Be Tested: Trusting Yourself Above All

This week we get real. You may have heard me say before that "we are the ones who are here to fix the future." Not only is it true but this week we turn it into a battle cry!

You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't interested in a brighter tomorrow. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't think the time to change was now. You wouldn't be reading this if you thought, "Oh, I can just sit back and let the world unfold, and it will all be ok." NO! There is something inside of you that is saying:

"Enough! The old way is not working and I simply must do something about it! Something has got to change!"

I'm going to be speaking to that part of you this Sunday.

Join next week for All About Altars: Creating Sacred Space in Your Home, + embodiment practice, free psychic readings and more, at the Sunday Service on Facebook and Instagram every Sunday at 5:30 PST/8:30 EST!

Why We Are Grateful for the Delay of Time AKA How to Manifest What You Really Want

Why We Are Grateful for the Delay of Time

How to Manifest What You Really Want

Ladies and Gents, let me present to you one of the most comprehensive guides for all empaths and non-empaths a like. This video will leaving you feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you have a clear map again! Watch it now. You won’t regret it.

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Why Checking In with Yourself Really Matters

Why Checking In with Yourself Really Matters

Imagine that it’s Wednesday and you find yourself sitting with a friend for tea. You notice they seem a little stressed so you ask “When was the last time you had something to eat?” and you get the following:

“Well I can’t figure out what is bothering me! The last time I ate was on Sunday - but I ate a whole meal! Then Monday I felt kinda ok, Tuesday was downhill and today I’m so foggy and can’t think of what’s wrong!”

I know it sounds funny, but this is what it’s like when you think that checking in with yourself once a week is fine. It’s not. No judgement, it’s just the truth. If you want to become more you - trusting more, enjoying life more, loving more, you simply must bring more you in. You. must. connect. to. yourself. every. day. period.

Watch this week’s video to find out more of how’s and why’s (we all LOVE those!). It’s bound to help you increase your spiritual hygiene.

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When Forcing a Smile No Longer Works: Why Authenticity Does

When Forcing a Smile No Longer Works: Why Authenticity Does

Ever been at a comedy show, sitting in the front row, and not found the show funny?! Well recently I was! And as I sat there listening to the acts with a forced smile plastered across my face, I was reminded of one of the most common themes I’ve taught empaths about over the past 10 years.

As empaths, who so value authenticity and integrity, it can be particularly triggering when we can feel that someone is saying one thing but feeling another. If we intuitively know that it might upset someone or cause conflict, the unempowered empath has difficulty sharing their opinion and will likely even blame themselves for the other’s inconsistency. That’s the empathic ego, telling us that we can’t be happy if someone else is unhappy. That’s us taking on someone else’s energy and allowing it to drive our behavior toward them. That’s not very ‘authentic’ of us, right?!

So how do we become empowered empaths? Well, the first step is to learn How to Stop Taking on Other People’s EnergyHead over to the blog to watch the video to learn more on how to cultivate the authentic and integral life you’ve been seeking!

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Shift into Love: The Ultimate How To

Shift Into Love: The Ultimate How To

We, as empaths, all want love. We want love because we know it provides us with all the things we’re looking for. Love creates joy, happiness, health, abundance, relationships and so much more.

So how do we get to love? Well, the truth is that when your energy changes, so do your circumstances. Plainly, you’ve got to be the love you want.

This concept is so powerful, it’s been coming up in my readings with clients a lot recently. So much so that Source has shown me the map for how to navigate the “Shift into Love”. In this week’s Sunday Service I share that map with you, along with a mini (but impactful!) version of the truly transformative Pink Light Guided Meditation and pointers essential to starting from a place of love.

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From Struggle to Strength: Falling on my Head 10 Years Later

Lately I’ve been called to share my own journey to trusting myself. Actually, 2019 marks 10 years since I began giving psychic reading professionally! So, with the recent popularity of social media’s “10 Year Challenge”, I thought this week’s Service was a perfect time to share my story with you!

As a child, I was given two potentially deadly medical diagnoses. Because of that, there was so much energy put toward my physical health that there wasn’t enough leftover for my emotional health. Also, as an empath, which I am sure you can relate to, I was constantly taking on the emotions and energy of others. This cycle only continued as I grew, and as an adult, I began to think, “There must be more to life than this!”. It was at that point, just over 10 years ago, that I fell on my head, literally, and it changed my life!

Through experience, education and practice I have learned the absolute importance of remaining grounded. It is my focus on staying grounded that has allowed me to show up for myself and to teach you! I’ve learned to discern my energy from that of others and listen to my body and my emotional guidance system.

If you haven’t learned how to Clear & Protect your energy, take a look at my course, How to Stop Taking on Other People’s Energy. Learning to do so is truly the first step to getting in tune with your intuition and learning to Trust Yourself!

Watch the video above of this Sunday’s service for more about my journey, from struggle to strength, and how you can tap into your own power! And remember, Sunday Service is live on Facebook and Instagram every Sunday at 5:30 PST/8:30 EST. Where, as always, I’ll be giving dharma talks, offering free readings and much more!

The Spiritual Meaning of the Season

The Spiritual Meaning of the Season

Hope you are having a joyful holiday season!

Me, I am visiting my parents, ate too much sugar by way of homemade cookies, ice cream and sweet wine from the Finger Lakes and got a short sinus infection. Something tells me I'm not the only one eating my emotions away (maybe you are shopping, packing or working them away).

It can be really difficult to take time away for stillness, to connect to the Source inside, but in fact, that IS what the season is all about (Charlie Brown).

Watch this Special Holiday Edition of the Sunday Service, with some very special guest to get the real Spiritual Meaning of the Season.

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What If You Weren't Doing Anything Wrong/Dissolving the Internalized Patriarchy

What If You Weren't Doing Anything Wrong

Dissolving the Internalized Patriarchy

How many times have you thought “I should…” and felt anxiety today, in the last hour, in the last 5 minutes?

How many times have you felt like you should know what you are doing, like you should be giving more, like you should take up more space, find your voice and stop feeling guilty for it?

This video is here for YOUR solace. Watch to find out how you can dissolve the Internalized Patriarchy so you can actually find your voice, feel better and know you are are on the right track. Watch it now, you won’t regret it.

The History of Guilt + The Empaths Holiday Survival Guide

The History of Guilt + The Empaths Holiday Survival Guide

Dealing with lost power and internalized patriarchy, pushy relatives, and turning in to the Infinite Source that lyes within. This Sunday Service is not to be missed!

Why Struggle is Essential for Growth (The Story of the Struggling Moth)

Why Struggle is Essential for Growth (The Story of the Struggling Moth)

A man found a cocoon of an emperor moth. He took it home so that he could watch the moth come out of the cocoon. On the day a small opening appeared, he sat and watched the moth for several hours as the moth struggled to force the body through that little hole.

Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could go no further. It just seemed to be stuck.

Then the man, in his kindness, decided to help the moth, so he took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The moth then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch the moth because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would contract in time. Neither happened! In fact, the little moth spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It was never able to fly.

What the man, in his kindness and haste did not understand, was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the moth to get through the tiny opening, was the way of forcing fluid from the body of the moth into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Freedom and flight would only come after the struggle. By depriving the moth of a struggle, he deprived the moth of it’s health and it’s freedom.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life.

Anyone can give up when times are tough. Seriously, the easiest thing in the world is to give up when things aren’t going according to plan …but to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you quit, well… that’s true strength.

One of my favorite quotes is from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross…

“The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.”

So this moth, as beautiful as it is, had to go through some major struggle to get here today and allow us to see it in all it’s glory.

Remember the Law of Rhythm as it states that everything is moving to and fro, flowing in and out, swinging backward and forward. There is a high and a low tide. Everything is flowing, both in and out, in accordance with this law.

So the next time you are going through a struggle, know that, “This too shall pass.”

When you are on a down swing, do not feel bad. Know the swing will change and things will get better.

Grounding Your Energy: Why It's Important + How to Do It

The Importance of Grounding

As you connect more deeply to self, it is extremely important that you remain grounded. Grounding our energy, in relation to the earth’s, allows you to feel present and alive in each moment as well as helping to clear any excess energy you may have. When you are cognizant our your body’s connection to the Earth, it can allow you to more clearly discern the messages your intuition provides. It also allows you to stay more closely in touch with reality, which is crucial as you become more at one with your spiritual being. Frequent grounding practice also has measurable health benefits such as decreased inflammation and increased level of antioxidants within the body. Aside from meditative grounding, you can try putting your feet on the ground, working with soil, or spending time with nature to enhance your connection to the Earth and feel more solid, safe and strong.

Even just a few minutes of grounding practice can help. Come back to this activity regularly and often to increase your connection connection to self and to the Earth.

To Ground:

  • Close your eyes

  • Begin to focus on your breath, bringing awareness to your own pattern of breathing

  • Breath in deeply and exhale completely

  • Bring awareness to your physical body, focus on relaxing while remaining comfortably erect

  • Bring awareness to your root. You can:

  • Recognize your physical connection to the Earth (feet on ground, bottom on chair, etc.)

  • Rock back and forth (or side to side)

  • Engage your pelvic floor muscles (Kegels)

  • Visualize those strong, solid roots which are connected to your physical body

  • Imagine them growing downward, solidifying your connection to the Earth

  • Bring your awareness back to your breath

  • Breathe out what you wish to be get rid of and breathe in what you wish to receive

  • When ready, open your eyes

  • Bringing attention back to your physical body in the present moment

  • You can squeeze and release your facial muscles as well as hands and feet

Two Things That Cause People to Lie and be Flakey

Welcome, I am so happy you’re here! You could be in any space on Earth right now, but you’ve chosen this space! And that is so very important because it means that you want to take control of your life and start trusting that perfect guidance system that resides within us all...our intuition!

Trusting your intuition isn’t always easy. It requires hard work, commitment, and self-examination. You can have everything you want in life! But you’ve got to be willing to do the work. Want co-workers to provide more honest feedback? Want to trust more? Want your loved ones to show up for you more fully? Me too, so let’s get to work!

Obfuscation - to confuse, to make unclear or obscure, to darken (synonym -  to clarify)

Never heard the term obfuscation? (No worries! After all, I am here to educate ;-) That’s the dictionary definition there above. In practice, obfuscation is hiding facts, telling only part of the truth, manipulating perception. Obfuscation is knowing how someone will react, not wanting that reaction, and changing how we behave to change how they react.

This practice is actually very common for empaths, sensitive people, people pleasers...in other words...you and me! We do it when we tell a half-truth or manipulate someone’s perception of a situation. We know we’ve done it when we walk away from an interaction feeling like we got away with something. We do it because we’re trying to avoid an undesirable reaction!

What am I doing to cause people to lie and be flakey?

Well, we’re lying and being flakey. We’re obfuscating. We’re:

  1. Avoiding Conflict.  Oftentimes we think that it’s better (or easier) to avoid what we perceive as confrontation or conflict. Communication is a healthy part of life!

  2. Operating out of Obligation. Making decisions for our lives based on what we think others think or feel. We’re trying to serve others before serving ourselves!

What does my behavior have to do with theirs?

Well, EVERYTHING! Avoiding conflict and operating out of obligation affect the energy you put out into the world, and therefore, the energy you receive back.  You get out of life what you put into it! If people are lying to us, if people aren’t showing up for us authentically; we have to recognize that we are constantly projecting the energy that is amplified in our lives. If we need our friends to tell us the truth, our family to be 100% there for us, our team members to give us honest feedback; then we need to do this ourselves! When we tell the truth, it feels open and good, and we get a lot more back from others: more clear communication, more quality work, more positive energy, more trust.

So the next time you’re exhausted but plan to attend the event anyway, or the next time you tell only a portion of the facts for fear of the other person’s reaction…think whether that is the type of energy you want amplified in your life and proceed accordingly. Say, “I’ve had an exhausting week and I want to show up for you, but I want to show up 100%. Since I can’t do that, I won’t be attending tonight.” Say, “No, I won’t be out of town but I’m not available to work this weekend.”

What is most important is that you act in a way that is in alignment with your body feeling good and open. Speak your truth and you’ll be able to live in it as well!

May intuition be with you!


What’s Next?

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Mansplaining Didn't Get Me Down AKA How to Receive

Welcome back! I’m glad you are here because you are on the precipice of a major shift! You are here to learn the tools you need to unlock the key to trusting yourself and your intuition, and you are in the right place!

One of the ways we address personal blocks and connect more deeply to our intuition is to notice the signs and synchronicity all around us. When we recognize commonality in our experiences, it allows us the chance to look inward and receive invaluable lessons!

In order to receive, we must recognize those “things” (something felt, seen, perceived) that seek to take our power. When we do so, we learn the lesson of how that theme or pattern relates to what we are experiencing within. Then, we begin to shift out of the belief system that tells us we have to give that, “thing”, energy!

Watch the video above to find out how I discovered the message in being “mansplained” to on multiple occasions, in one day! **Spoiler Alert** I used it as fuel for my fire to teach you and you might just gain some fire by watching too!

Until next time, may intuition be with you!