From Struggle to Strength: Falling on my Head 10 Years Later

Lately I’ve been called to share my own journey to trusting myself. Actually, 2019 marks 10 years since I began giving psychic reading professionally! So, with the recent popularity of social media’s “10 Year Challenge”, I thought this week’s Service was a perfect time to share my story with you!

As a child, I was given two potentially deadly medical diagnoses. Because of that, there was so much energy put toward my physical health that there wasn’t enough leftover for my emotional health. Also, as an empath, which I am sure you can relate to, I was constantly taking on the emotions and energy of others. This cycle only continued as I grew, and as an adult, I began to think, “There must be more to life than this!”. It was at that point, just over 10 years ago, that I fell on my head, literally, and it changed my life!

Through experience, education and practice I have learned the absolute importance of remaining grounded. It is my focus on staying grounded that has allowed me to show up for myself and to teach you! I’ve learned to discern my energy from that of others and listen to my body and my emotional guidance system.

If you haven’t learned how to Clear & Protect your energy, take a look at my course, How to Stop Taking on Other People’s Energy. Learning to do so is truly the first step to getting in tune with your intuition and learning to Trust Yourself!

Watch the video above of this Sunday’s service for more about my journey, from struggle to strength, and how you can tap into your own power! And remember, Sunday Service is live on Facebook and Instagram every Sunday at 5:30 PST/8:30 EST. Where, as always, I’ll be giving dharma talks, offering free readings and much more!