Mansplaining Didn't Get Me Down AKA How to Receive

Welcome back! I’m glad you are here because you are on the precipice of a major shift! You are here to learn the tools you need to unlock the key to trusting yourself and your intuition, and you are in the right place!

One of the ways we address personal blocks and connect more deeply to our intuition is to notice the signs and synchronicity all around us. When we recognize commonality in our experiences, it allows us the chance to look inward and receive invaluable lessons!

In order to receive, we must recognize those “things” (something felt, seen, perceived) that seek to take our power. When we do so, we learn the lesson of how that theme or pattern relates to what we are experiencing within. Then, we begin to shift out of the belief system that tells us we have to give that, “thing”, energy!

Watch the video above to find out how I discovered the message in being “mansplained” to on multiple occasions, in one day! **Spoiler Alert** I used it as fuel for my fire to teach you and you might just gain some fire by watching too!

Until next time, may intuition be with you!