Easily the most profound tool I've come across. 

One session with Betsy and I feel like I saved thousands of dollars on traditional therapy sessions!
— Cate

In an Intuitive Breathwork session with me, you get all of my gifts. I've spent 10 years in the field of social work and psychology as well as another 10 working as a full-time psychic medium earning a spot on Time Out’s Top New York Psychic's list. My mission is to teach others how to tune in and trust their own inner guidance. In my 20 years experience, I've found this breathwork to be the most profound and powerful tool to jump-start and stay connected to intuition.

Breathwork is a fast track to strengthen intuition. It facilitates clearing out beliefs and energy that block flow and expression. Through the 2-part breath, we clear out what no longer serves us and replace it with something that does.

— Mercedes Kiss
I feel the most blissed out I’ve ever felt. This was the shift I had been waiting for.
— Laura Ellis

I offer Phone/Zoom (similar to Skype) sessions worldwide.