Intuition 101: Ego vs Intuition

It takes consistent practice to get to know our own body and emotions (AKA your Intuition). Through this practice we can learn to identify what is ego and what is intuition. Knowing the difference is the first step to trusting our inner guidance. But one cannot build trust in an instant, it takes tenacity—a willingness to work hard even when we think we are not getting anywhere—to be able to hear our own inner guidance.

Stop Drop & Roll Guided Meditation

To deepen the body connection when learning to to discern the difference between Ego and Intuition use the tool: Stop Drop & Roll. I created a recording to guide listeners through a detailed meditation and a short “How to” guide. Put your email in the box below to join the community and get instant access to Intuition 101 guide including the Stop, Drop & Roll Guided Meditation (Ego vs Intuition tool) free!

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