Is Your Ego or Intuition Speaking?


Stop Drop & Roll for Inner Guidance

Every day we make decisions both large and small. Sometimes it’s obvious which path to take, and other times even after mulling over 1000 different possibilities, we still can’t confidently move forward. What if I told you that with 3 simple steps, you could skip the endless debate and get right to the solution? Think of it as a direct connection to your inner guidance. So what is it? It’s a powerful tool I like to call Stop Drop & Roll. But before we burn through the steps, we need to first understand how ego and intuition are expressed in the body.

Ego vs Intuition

It takes consistent practice to get to know our own body and emotions. Through this practice we can learn to identify what is ego and what is intuition. Knowing the difference is the first step to trusting our inner guidance. But one cannot build trust in an instant, it takes tenacity—a willingness to work hard even when we think we are not getting anywhere—to be able to hear our own inner guidance.


A Course In Miracles states that the ego is what speaks first and loudest.

The ego tends to make logical statements

  • It’s a better idea to do laundry now before I go to the cafe.
  • The last two times we did it that way it failed. If we do the same thing again it will fail.
  • The express train is faster than the local. Since I’m late for work, I will take the express.

To differentiate which voice is actually speaking, tune into your body. If you review an idea or situation internally or with a friend, and you find yourself feeling contracted (tightness anywhere in the body–especially the gut, slight nausea or a feeling of malaise) it is a sign that the ego is speaking.


Contrary to the ego, intuition often “speaks” without words in a gentle, loving manner that can manifest as more of a feeling than a concrete idea. You will know that you are listening to your intuition when you are feeling uplifted and calm—it’s an expansive feeling. You might sense that you are on the right path, despite being fearful of the unknown. If your intuition is speaking, your body will show it with relaxation.

Inner Guidance

Now that we understand the body’s different reactions to ego and intuition, we can use this awareness to guide our decisions with Stop Drop & Roll.

Stop Drop & Roll

  1. Stop (what you’re doing)
  2. Drop (into your body)
  3. Roll (with the feeling)

Listen to the podcast below to learn just how to use intuition to put out the ego’s flames.

Stop Drop & Roll Guided Meditation

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